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He may have been overshadowed by his brother Bobby, but Dennis Hull (pictured on the right) was no slouch. Dennis played 12 seasons with the Blackhawks, but did not win the Stanley Cup with them. Regardless, his booming slap shot, about as, if not harder than his brother’s made him a feared offensive threat for the Hawks. When asked about his and Bobby’s slap shots, Dennis humorously, as was his forte, replied, “Someone once said that Bobby could hit a puck through a car wash and not get it wet and that I could hit it just as hard, but not hit the car wash. That was the difference.”

The 1961 Chicago Black Hawks. It was the franchise’s first Stanley Cup since 1938, and the city’s first championship since the Chicago (now Arizona) Cardinals won the NFL Championship in 1947. They beat the Detroit Red Wings 4 games to 2 thanks to a 5-1 Game 6 win. They were also the only team not named the Red Wings, Canadiens or Maple Leafs to win the Stanley Cup during the Original Six era.
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